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DURIA is one of the pioneers in Malaysia to manufacture durian products, and lead the export of Malaysian durian products.

In 2005, DURIA proposed to the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture for the first integrated durian factory to revolutionise the durian industry.

DURIA started producing durian mooncakes in 2012, exporting to USA, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and other international markets.

The manufacturing facility of DURIA comprises of 4 production lines for mooncakes, with 1000 sqm facility and cold room warehouse to store 400 tons of durian

what is so special about musang king?

Duria logo Main
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Musang King durian is a kind of varietal in durian family, and out of hundreds of them, Musang King staands at the top of the throne, it is one of the best if not the best you can get.

Musang King durian is very limited in Malaysia, it’s quite seasonal and to make it even more limited, it only grows in some tiny and specific region in Malaysia.

Musang King flesh has a smooth and creamy texture

Eating durians feels like eating ice-cream but in room temperature

Just like ice-cream, it melts in your mouth, followed by the burst of sweetness and creaminess with a tiny yummy hint of bitterness, coating your entire mouth with delicious Musang King durian flavor.


Because of this unique flavor, most people like you and me,

After your first bite of Musang King Durian, you will start to love durians and become a durian lover.

you are very lucky!


because when we wanted to eat real malaysian musang king durian back then

the only way for us was to fly back to malaysia

but now is different for you

you are just a click away from the best durian

the real musang king durian of malaysia

we brought musang king all the way from malaysia to australia

original Flavor from home

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