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We ONLY SERVE YOU THE REAL MALAYSIAN Musang King and durian products in Australia!

We are at your service with our 13 Years Experience and Reliability.


In the year of 2005, Duria has been granted with approval from Malaysia Ministry of Agriculture to set up the first durian warehouse and fruit processing factory, thus Duria was founded. Since 2012, Duria started its durian mooncake production, the first in Malaysia to produce durian flavour mooncake. 



Duria mooncake series is well-known and exported to United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and other international markets. With 4 production lines for mooncake series, a production department of 1000 pyeong (35583.2 sq ft), this allows the factory to allocate 400 tons of durians in large fridge. 

History of Duria

Duria is a Malaysia company founded in 2005, we have 13 years of experience in producing the king of tropical fruits, namely “durian”.

We deliver irresistible delicious durian taste in a variety forms, such as: Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake, Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake-Pandora, Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake- The Premium, Durian, Fresh Durian Flesh, Durian Mochi and etc. All our products are manufactured, produced and packed in Malaysia.

• Since the year of 2008, our export rate to Singapore increase exponentially
• Since the year of 2009, Duria is the first in Malaysia to export durian products to Hong Kong. Beside exponential sales growth, it eventually created an awareness of musang king durian among the Hong Kong society!
• In between the year of 2010 and 2011, Duria consistently worked together with Malaysia Ministry of Agriculture to develop durian market in China.
• In 2011, Duria export to China in bulk and large amount due to Former Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Wen Jiabao, opening up China market to foreign exporters.
• In 2012, Duria expanded its business territories, not only targeted Malaysia existing market, but also collaborated with KFC Group Malaysia to promote Duria products worldwide. We exported to Brunei, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States etc

real durians

We produce our durian products from real durians only, using Musang King Durian and D24 Sultan King Durian.

Japanese Technology

We produce our Mooncakes, mochi and other products from Japanese Tech, because we strive for the best and learning from the best is key!

Worldwide exporter

We export our Musang King Durian fruit and Duria products worldwide, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, USA, United Kingdom, and still expanding.

What our customer say about us

Best durian products.. I have tasted and Love it. 🙏 Great selection to tickle anybody's taste buds. Yum to the Max. 🌞
June M.
Excellent Musang King durian. As good as I expected it to be.
Cavin S.
Thank you for the most Amazing Durian ever!! Finally! Some good fresh Durian in Melbourne!! Please keep selling them!!
Jenni Y.
Bought three durians today and wow all so goood! Whole family gave
Chan L. H.
Probably the best durian I have tasted. You can actually see the durian pulp and thus, choose the ones who catch your fancy. Not super keen with some of the durian deserts, but that just me. The Durian Mochi is quite good.
Gerald S.
Bought the Durian Mochi during Crown Chinese New Year festival. THE REAL DEAL. Highly recommended!
Emmely C.